APPY1 Test

Confidence, Simplicity

Your 1st line of testing.

The APPY1™ Test is the combination of proven lateral flow technology, critical inflammatory biomarkers and a novel diagnostic algorithm.  The APPY1 Test uses a multimarker approach to aid in the identification of patients at low risk for acute appendicitis.

The APPY1 Test measures the concentrations of myeloid-related protein MRP 8/14 (calprotectin) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in EDTA-plasma by lateral flow immunoassay.  MRP 8/14, CRP, and a manually entered WBC count are then computed by the reader’s preprogrammed proprietary algorithm to give an APPY1 Test result and a qualitative interpretation to facilitate the utility of the results.

The combination of three biomarkers in the APPY1 Test, analyzed using a proprietary algorithm, rather than use of any individual marker, improves the ability to consistently identify patients at low risk for AA.1-2 The APPY1 Test, used in conjunction with physical and clinical findings, provides additional objective information to increase the clinicians’ confidence in their clinical assessment for patients presenting with abdominal pain suggestive of acute appendicitis.  Patients identified as low risk by the APPY1 Test may be evaluated for other conditions or managed more conservatively, e.g., with minimal or no additional testing or imaging, observation only, or earlier discharge.



1. Venaxis® internal clinical data
2. APPY1 Test Instructions for Use