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About Us

Prior to early 2016, Venaxis® was an in vitro diagnostic company that was focused on obtaining clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for and commercializing its blood-based test to serve as an adjunctive test in the diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis in children, adolescent, and young adults.  The APPY1 Test has not been cleared by the FDA despite our performance of clinical trials, including our pivotal clinical trial for the APPY1 Test, which was completed in early 2014.  The data demonstrated high sensitivity and high negative predictive value (NPV), similar to other adjunctive tests for other conditions currently in use by physicians.


The Company is currently evaluating potential strategic alternatives available to it. The Company is in the process of considering the primary criteria it will use as it evaluates a possible strategic path forward. Such criteria will be focused on a path to best enhance shareholder value using all of the Company’s available resources. As a result of the general overall decline in market values over the past several quarters of publicly traded and privately held enterprises, management believes that there may currently be available corporate and product opportunities at potentially attractive terms for an acquirer such as the Company, with its cash and other resources.